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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I love the science of medicine - diagnosing a challenging case gives an intrinsic rush like nothing other.  I also loved helping both the pets and their owners achieve mutually beneficial diagnostic and treatment solutions.  While rewarding, practicing on the clinic floor is tough work.  The emotional, physical, and organizational stressors of for-profit veterinary medicine are numerous.  Days are long, demanding, fast-paced, and unpredictable leaving little if any down-time to re-group.  Doctor's are continually "on" in the presence of clients, colleagues, managers, or co-workers.  I, like many of my colleagues, felt many of the unintended costs of clinic-life.

As my clinical years continued, my interests gravitated toward the science of organizational behavior and development (otherwise known as the “softer-side of business") and how to successfully integrate the science into veterinary medicine.  I wanted to know and learn more about how to make practicing more efficient, less stressful, and ultimately more enjoyable for everyone.  This interest started my journey that ultimately led me to back to school after 19 years to graduate with a business master's degree in Organizational Leadership, Management, and Project Leadership Management.

It is an exciting time in veterinary medicine.  With more and more individuals seeing their pets as members of the family coupled with the explosion in technological capabilities, the landscape of veterinary medicine is quickly changing.  New avenues in which veterinarians can use their skill-sets are entering the market-space all the time.  Acquired business acumen is filtering into the veterinary world at a rapid rate - this has brought many positive changes, along with unintended consequences.  Today, less veterinarians desire, are able, or have the opportunity to own their own practice - reasons are multi-factorial.  Corporate consolidation is becoming more prevalent and many successful private practices are growing larger.  Consolidation and larger veterinary conglomerates are employing multiple veterinarians in mostly associate (non-ownership) roles.  Ultimately, a large percentage of my colleagues will be associates, working for someone and not for themselves - this is vastly different landscape than 20-25 years ago. 

Employing knowledge-workers (such as veterinarians) takes special consideration, skill, and insight to drive appropriate behaviors giving intended business results that lead to professional satisfaction and worker retention.  My professional passions include strategic planning, innovation and change management, strategic human resource management, team development, improving workflow efficiency, providing efficient and effective platforms for delivery of client education, and enhancing both customer and employee experience.

I will help the veterinary industry ensure that all veterinarians LOVE THEIR JOB and to remember why they chose this profession by ensuring a sustainable, balanced, and profitable business model producing win-win results for everyone.



Experience & Expertise

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Strategic Human Resource Management Certified Professional

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Business Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership with dual specialization in Leadership Management & Project Leadership Management
Regis University Anderson College of Business

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Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biological Sciences