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Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Finding the Happiness, Independence, & Work-life Integration you Deserve


COMING SOON as a regular segment written by Dr. Lisa Mausbach, DVM, MSOL, SHRM-CP in RELIEF ROVER ONLINE MAGAZINE

RELIEF ROVER is a service created by founder Dr. Cindy Trice, DVM designed for veterinary freelance professionals and employers seeking relief services alike.

Relief Rover's team mission is to:

amplify love + joy: make our profession loveable and fun

elevate others: make relief vets feel needed and respected

provide solutions: help colleagues build successful businesses

make dreams possible: boost quality of life for vets everywhere

This editorial segment is designed and written to give veterinarians tools to help make changes needed to have a successful and fulfilling career on your own terms. Articles will focus on how to place your career in perspective, finding the courage to take a “road less traveled,” rise of the freelance veterinarian, pros/cons of being an employee vs independent contractor as well as segments highlighting the organizational problems and finding solutions hospitals can institute to become a more "employee-centric" institution focusing on "caring for the caregiver."


Work-related stress, poor well-being, and burnout is running rampant in veterinary professionals – many leaving the profession for other careers outside of clinical practice, or worse. Thankfully, the topic has made its way into national headlines and is finally recognized as a problem in need of answers. Helpful information exists for veterinarians to recognize signs, provide personal coaching, and propose individual solutions including self-protective tools such as setting boundaries and developing resilience. What has not received adequate attention, however, is how organizational problems often start, perpetuate, and accelerate a veterinary professional’s path towards work-related stress leading to burnout. At its core, burnout is, by definition, a consequence of where you work.

Below is a short segment from my lecture given during the Fetch DVM360 Online Conference

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