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Looking to create and amplify your business or personal brand but not sure where to turn? Are YOU [or have you hired] a new or recent graduate who needs assistance acquiring needed clinical and surgical skillsets?

Any individual, clinic or organization can progress by taking small incremental changes.  However, moving to the front of the pack in today’s rapidly changing veterinary landscape means taking bold chances and making innovative choices.


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Veterinary burnout is running rampant in the industry and veterinarians are abandoning clinical practice at record levels for other non-clinical jobs both in and out of the profession.  Our industry has is in crisis and has hit a symbolic "tipping point."  There are more clinical positions desperate to be filled than there are tenured, experience and willing candidates who want to take these positions.  Why?!?...

Because, in many aspects, our industry is broken.  The successful practice models of yesteryear no longer work today.  Veterinary professionals are a stubborn group who becomes "set in their ways" no matter how "antiquated" those ways may be.  It is going to take many brave veterinarians as well as industry experts to challenge the outdated systems and processes. 

This will certainly "ruffle some feathers," but I truly believe we are better together.  Innovation and collaboration is going to be the only way we get through this successfully on the other side.

Who is with me?...

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Do you need help with professional content for SOAP's, discharge instructions, client education, surgical reports, anesthetic or surgical releases, and much much more?  Look no further. I have hundreds of customizable professionally created medical templates that can help you save time in the exam room and increase efficiency for medical record keeping.  As a bonus, these templates can help ensure client understanding and treatment compliance giving you TIME BACK to either see additional patients or, better yet...practice self-care and personal fulfillment OUTSIDE of work.

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